Thursday, June 23, 2005

Grokker Extends Offerings with Grokker Research

Groxis (father company of Grokker) announced on Monday, June 20 that it has started a pilot program called Grokker Research that will be available to corporations and academic institutions. Grokker Research is a web-based platform that will allow for a visual presentation of "deep Web" search results. It will allow corporations like Sun Microsystems (and I bet univeristies like Stanford) to search a vast collection of sources like library databases, internet search engines (Yahoo) and subscription services. This service will be free for a trial period to qualifying institutions, and will be a premium service thereafter.

Now this is great news because what we really need is an ability to sort out commercial webpages from informational webpages and to further make sense of them. Grokker in its present form and as Grokker Research will be a quantum leap forward in this pursuit. I am very optimistic about these evolving services along with ones like Teoma, Ask Jeeves and Yahoo’s Mindset.

I am beginning to see how things are shaping up in the next generation of search. Google, Yahoo, MSN Search and the like will basically become suppliers of raw materials to companies that will fabricate different things from them. I think that this is a natural evolution of things. Each search service does not need it’s own website repository. They can buy that from Yahoo or Google. With these resources they can find various ways to use them whether it is a vertical search, a visual search, a search that allows you to choose between commercial and research interest, or any other interesting way to utilize these resources. This makes perfect economic sense and follows every other industry throughout history.

Perhaps I’m sticking my neck out with this day dream, but it really falls in line with how homo sapiens utilize resources through specialization. Specialization is an underlying principle that has shaped every industry and it makes sense that the internet search industry would follow suit. A car maker does not mine the steel, etc. IBM and Apple no longer make all their components. In sum, I’m looking forward to play around with Grokker Research. I really enjoyed the original Grokker and now turn to it for more complicated searches.


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