Friday, May 27, 2005

Great study about search - Check it out.

Lately, I am becoming obsessed with this problem. 77% of internet users use search engines to find new sites, but fewer than 20% even see the second page of results. I'd like to draw your attention to this very interesting study by Enquiro and Eyetools. You will be surprised to find out how irrelevant even the 5th and 6th query results are.

If we take Pareto's rule into consideration, there is not point to display more than then first ten query results. Although, one of the major drawbacks about Grokker is it's single result at the most granular level. However, we should really be concentrating on the first ten results, making sure that they are good. Otherwise, we should offer different word groupings.

Anyone know a GOOD search forum?

I've been looking in vain for a good search forum or page, but it seems that they all are heavily tainted with search engine marketing rather than pure search concerns. I don't really care about search engine marketing. Yes, I realize that it's a huge growing market, but I worked for the biggest player in that space and don't care much for it. (In fact, I secretly detest it because it tains the informational nature of the web.) I would really like to find a space on the internet that is more concerned with the pure algorithmic nature of search. If anyone knows of one, please let me know.

Poll: If I don't find a satisfactory place for this dialogue, I am seriously considering creating my own. I need your feedback about what might work best. 1.) Wiki 2.) Forum 3.) Blog - improved 4.) Other - specify.

Also, If anyone know any good studies about internet search - sociological, mathematical, computer science - send them my way.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005


Here is a great example of today's search engines failing. I am looking for ways to calculate the ROI on doing a search engine optimization campaign. I tried to look for this information in Google, Ask, Teoma, and Grokker with no luck. Admittedly, I found one page on Google that was useful, while the rest of the pages were simply spam from SEO firms looking to get business. How could we filter all the spam? I'll think about this for a while; give me till this evening. I welcome any ideas.

At It Again.

I posted an entry on Webmaster World today to solicit some ideas about improving search. I am also, going to redouble my efforts to continue coming up with ideas and writing analysis about current search options. If you came from Webmaster World, welcome!

I am also considering setting up a wiki or a different blog alternative for this, but this is it for now.